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Here are our leading offers for Horse’s Feed from the Xmas Catalogue.

Prices may vary due to freight.

A nutritionally complete all-round feed, formulated for horses and ponies in light to moderate work of all disciplines.

Shop in Store: CopRice Cool Conditioner 20kg

An ultra-high fat and energy dense feed supplement, excellent for boosting energy, muscle development, building topline and weight gain.

Shop in Store: CopRice High Joule 20kg

A super-high fat and exceptionally cool ‘low fizz’ energy feed for supplementing equine and livestock diets.

Shop in Store: Coprice Stabilsed Rice Bran 20kg

The perfect complete cool feed choice for pleasure or show horses in light to medium work.

Shop in Store: Benchmark Cool AZ 20kg

A complete premium muesli-style ration for horses and ponies in medium to hard work.

Shop in Store: Benchmark Achieve -Sport 20kg

High fibre, very low starch and sugar feed suitable for all horses including horses with metabolic conditions.

Shop in Store: Johnson’s Natural Formula Alfalfa Plus 20kg

Quality nutrition for working horses that will fit your budget.

Shop in Store: Pryde’s Easi Ride 20kg

Low energy feed for horses and ponies in maintenance or light to moderate work.

Shop in Store: Barastoc Calm Performer 20kg

A highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed that’s 95% sugar free with no added molasses.

Shop in Store: Speedibeet 20kg

Extruded feed made with a set recipe for Breeding and Growing Horses with 3 quality proteins and 3 quality grains in a set recipe.

Shop in Store: Pryde’s Bio Mare Cubes 25kg