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Here are our leading offers for Horse’s Health from the Xmas Catalogue.

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An antiseptic spray that may be used as an aid in the treatment of topical infections and bacterial skin diseases, wounds, cuts and abrasions in cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and dogs. It also repels flied for up to 12 hours from the wound surface.

Click to Shop: Troy Chlormide 500ml

An apple-flavoured, multi-dose liquid wormer that treats and controls roundworms, tapeworms and bots in horses. Buy 2 x Imax Gold 100ml & get a bonus Imax Gold 50ml.

Click to Shop: IMAX gold

Insecticidal and Repellent Spray for Horses. Controls and Repels susceptible Flies, Mosquitoes and other Nuisance Insects.

Click to Shop: Vetsense Flygon GOLD 500ml

Now comes in a larger tube that treats a 700kg horse. Same great product features including long term protection at the same price as the former tube.

Click to Shop: Equest Plus Tape

Roundworm, tapeworm and bot treatment for horses.

Click to Shop: Equimec Plus Tape

Joint, skin and immune system health. Assists with joint and bone strength, helps naturally reduce inflammation and strengthens the horse’s immunity.

Click to Shop: CEN Gold 1.2kg

A palatable, broad spectrum horse de-wormer with a wide safety margin. Aids in the control of adult and immature forms of roundworm, pinworm, large strongyles, stomach hairworm, and susceptible small strongyles and adult stomach worms in horses.

Click to Shop: AMMO Rotational Horse Wormer Paste 32.5kg

A clay poultice that quickly takes heat out of inflammation, reducing swelling and overall leg soreness. 5% off all pack sizes.

Click to Shop: Kelato SwellDOWN

Insect repellent and wound protector for horses

Click to Shop: Pharmachem Kuritch 500ml

Pour-on fly control for horses. Easy once a week protection.

Click to Shop: Shield Pour-On Solutions for Horses

Unique once a week “dual application’’ method targets specific flies where they land on the horse.

Click to Shop: Flyscreen Pour-On Fly Control for Horses 120ml

Fast killing action against fleas and flies. Offers effective repellency against flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Click to Shop – Troy Repel-X 500ml

Medicated Shampoo for the routine uses as a wash and as an aid in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the skin of dogs, horses and cattle.

Click to Shop: Troy Hoss Gloss

1 Selling Poultice – a topical preparation and brace. It is the first 100% all-natural product in the world manufactured from molecular reinforced hydrated alumino-silicates.

Click to Shop – Tuffrock Poultice

Insecticidal Rinse Concentrate for Dogs and Horses. Controls flies, ticks, fleas, QLD itch, Flea allergy dermatitis, buffalo and stable flies. 250mL = 10L of solution.

Click to Shop: Vetsense Permetrol 250ml

A concentrated formulation to provide greater coverage and protection. Kills and repels flies and nuisance insects including bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges and sandflies. Can be applied to horses and its surroundings. Has a pleasant lavender scent.

Click to Shop: Virbac Flyaway 500ml

The world’s first combined tetanus and strangles vaccine.

Click to Shop: Equivac 2 in 1

Concentrated Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, Electrolyte & Trace Paste, specifically formulated to replace key nutrients lost during training and competition.

Click to Shop: iO Equi-Boost Paste for Horses

4-in-1 Recovery Paste, containing electrolytes, branched chain amino acids, antioxidants & B-Group vitamins.

Click to Shop: Ranvet Recovery-Aid Paste 800ml

Vitamin B1, Tryptophan and Magnesium paste for nervous horses.

Click to Shop: Ranvet Calm Paste 30g

Contains vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios for all equines. FeedSafe accredited warehouse with high quality ingredients. 15% off all pack sizes.

Click to Shop: Stance Equilibrium Mineral Mix & B1 Cool Mix

Essential & Blade are both broad spectrum wormers, controlling 11 parasites including Tapeworms. Purchase any 3 and get a bonus iO Hay Bag (valued at $21.45).

Click to Shop: iO Essential Paste for horses & Blade Equine Wormer

Ready to use, rain and sweat resistant fly control for horses. Easy once a week protection.

Click to Shop: SWAT insecticide for Horses

Electrolyte and B-Group Vitamin Paste for dehydrated horses.

Click to Shop: Ranvet Electro Paste 60ml