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Barastoc – Breed N Grow

Caring for your mare Equivac

Give your horse the best start in life!

Preparing your foal for a healthy life begins at conception, through gestation and into their first few years of growth. The right nutrition in pregnant mares reduces complications at birth. Likewise, the correct diet for foals reduces their risk of Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases (DOD), ensuring they grow up to be healthy and sound horses.

Pregnant Mare Tips:

1 – 7/8 Months : Increase vitamins and minerals but not caleroies.

8 – 11/12 Months : Increase calories and trace minerals in the last three months of gestation for vital foal bone and cartilage development.

Throughout pregnancy:

  • Provide your pregnant mare with access to clean water and salt
  • When in doubt ask an equine nutritionist
  • Know your pregnant mare’s body condition score.
    A Barastoc body conditionin score above 4 adds unnecessary weight to their limbs. You can find this tool and others under the ‘Resources’ section at Barastoc’s website:

What to feed foals:
Foals require high fibre: low GI feeds like Barastoc Breed N Grow contains all the necessary ingredients and nutrients to produce healthy horses.

Barastoc Feed N Grow specs:

  • A low to moderate starch feed which has a lower glycaemic index (GI) response to feeding.
  • High fibre content encourages digestive safety, especially when horses are fed in groups and may consume their feeds at a faster rate.
  • Safe to feed without chaff.
  • Pelleted design making it ideal for economical paddock feeding.
  • Formulated with bio-available Silicon for optimal bone and cartilage development.
  • Uniquely formulate to meet the requirements of mares throughout pregnancy and lactation as well as all phases of growth in the young horse.
  • Contains natural vitamin E for foal immunity.

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