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Learn How Much You Should Feed a Cat


It’s hard to know exactly what to feed your cat and how much, especially as cats can be convincing that they are hungry all the time! Tuckers Pet & Produce stores know that you adore your feline friends and want the best for them. Below, Purina has identified some helpful steps on what to do in learning about how much of a certain cat food that you should feed your cat.

Step 1: Look at your cat’s food
If you’re asking yourself, “How much should I feed my cat?” look no further than the package. It has a wealth of information like ingredients, serving information and feeding instructions.

Step 2: Check out the pet food company’s website
If you have more questions than the package answers, go to your pet food’s website. Many pet food brands have comprehensive websites that include a cat feeding chart or feeding guidelines, and even answers to frequently asked questions.

Step 3: Call the manufacturer
If you have a very specific question about your cat’s diet and food, call the company. They will likely have a customer service specialist ready to answer questions just like, “How much should I feed my cat?”

Step 4: Treat wet and dry cat food differently
When it comes to wet and dry cat food, your cat has different needs. That’s because wet and dry cat foods are formulated with different ingredients, calories and textures, etc. So, it makes sense that the answer to “How much dry food to feed a cat?” isn’t the same as the answer to, “How much wet food to feed a cat?”

Step 5: Ask your veterinarian.
Your veterinarian is a pet expert, so she knows how much to feed a cat. More importantly, your veterinarian also knows your cat’s personality and health history. Talking with your veterinarian might be the best way to reassure or direct you on how to feed your cat.
Your veterinarian considers your cats:
• Life stage: A growing kitten has different nutritional needs than adult and senior cats.
• Breed: Genetics impact your cat’s body size and shape.
• Activity level: Every cat has a different personality and temperament. Some are sedentary while others are very active.

Step 6: Refer to a cat feeding guide.
Too much of a good thing, or overfeeding, can put your cat at risk for weight-related diseases. Likewise, underfeeding can negatively impact your cat’s ability to stay healthy.

It’s important to take in a few crucial factors about your cat when identifying what food and how much of it you should feed your cat. It can range different between age, lifestyle, food type, brand and activity level. Tuckers Pet & Produce stocks a large range of Cat food products, allowing you to select something from value, premium to holistic and choosing something from wet to dry food.
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