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How should I switch my cats food?


Tuckers Pet & Produce stores know how important our cats health means to you. It’s so crucial to get their nutrition spot on as it affects their overall health in the long run. If you do choose to switch your cats food to a more premium or better food option, then take a few notes from the below article from Purina.

Regardless of the reason for the switch, it’s best to take your time when transitioning your cat from one food to the next.

Try using the “1/4 every 4 days” rule: Add 25% new food every four days until your cat is completely transitioned to the new diet. So feed your cat 75% current food and 25% new food for the first four days, 50% current food and 50% new food for the next four days, 25% “old” food and 75% new for the following four days—and then your cat can be fully transitioned to the new food!

Cats have sensitive stomachs and may become ill or stop eating if their food is changed abruptly. This can happen when a new food alters the intestinal environment, which may lead to diarrhoea, vomiting and a refusal to eat—that’s why it’s best to gradually wean your cat off the current food and onto the new one.


Tuckers Pet & Produce stores have a large range of cat food available so when changing your cats normal food to a better option, you know that Tuckers will have the range you can depend on. Pop into your local Tuckers store or shop online at and find out more today!