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Is it safe to use Glphosate close to water?


Tuckers Pet & Produce stores stock a range of Apparent Ag Chem products including lots of smaller packs that are perfect for those with a few acres and/or have a hobby farm. With many Ready To Use options, we know you’ll find the right product at your local Tuckers Pet & Produce store. However, if you are concerned about aquamarine life and common products like Glyphosate, check out the Apparent article below.


Empirical evidence suggests that the tallow-amine wetter in Glyphosate (not the Glyphosate itself) is harmful to fish and frogs. Therefore, as a general rule you should avoid using Glyphosate close to water. However, APPARENT has two Glyphosate products: APPARENT Glyphosate Green 360 and APPARENT Triple Seven 777 WG which use a low-toxic aquatic wetter, that is, they may be used close to water without harming fish and frogs. There are other Glyphosate products on the market which also claim to be “frog-friendly”, but this is because they contain either a diluted or inferior wetter. The two APPARENT products offer maximum efficacy as well as protection to fish and frogs.


Tuckers stocks a large range of Apparent Ag Chem products including smaller packs of Apparent Glyphosate 360 which has an extremely lower toxicity to aquamarine life. Shop at your local Tuckers store today or online at