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The ultimate question .. what do all horses need to eat ?


Horses are herbivorous animals, from the Perissodactyl order of mammals, and can grow into big strong animals with a simple diet. They love to forage and prefer to eat grass as a natural source of nutrition in small amounts steadily throughout the day.

Horses are Vegans and that is why TuffRock only makes Vegan products, like Vegan people they can eat a variety of foods and therein lies the challenge. There are so many feeds, supplement, hay and chaff choices are available we are often asked what is the best diet or how do you decide what your horse needs? You can ask your local produce, feed company or veterinarian, always they will listen.

The research for the ultimate diet continues all over the world and new products come out all the time, that is why TuffRock supplements are complements to all diets, however there is one answer if you think laterally, all horses need WATER to eat!!

Clean water should be always an everyday priority and available to drink when horses are thirsty. Their other 5 basics need to eat also include carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals however it is the ratio of each input that is the hardest question.

I have asked this question of many experts and back in the day famously included Former President of American Judge Coaches, Mr Dale T Barnett, then Murray State University KY Equine Co-Ordinator, I met up with when he was judging Paint Horse Nationals, sponsored by TuffRock in Dubbo 2006.

We talked deeply about issues such as Fescue Toxicosis that led us to develop TuffRock GI (featured in our last edition) and also about the 5 basic horse nutritional needs that led us to make TuffRock EJF the most affordable Everyday Equine Joint Formula.

Dale and our consultant nutritionists at the time advised TuffRock EJF must be simple and look to make from our volcanic Tuff Conditioner Minerals Plus gut health action for collagen generation as the first step. Then hot synergise with Calcium stabilised Bran and Pollard (Wheat grass) for the other 4 needs including botanic Vitamin B for calm energy and Omegas for overall joint health.

We are continually amazed by how well TuffRock EJF is received by horses of all ages… from the needs of developing weanling or yearlings, incredibly popular for broodmares in their last trimester with several black type winners as a result, performance or show horses and my favourite, those we want simply comfortable in the paddock.

My most famous TuffRock EJF Testimonial comes from kicking dirt at an invitational campdraft, wearing my TuffRock cap, old mate next to me proudly points to his granddaughter in the cut-out and we watched it go round. I said congratulations and he said “.. thanks, your products work, of course I asked which TuffRock he likes? Poultice is bloody good however that joint powder (EJF) is amazing, don’t know how only 1 small 50 gram scoop each day keeps my 25 y.o. horse in such great condition. I competed this horse then my daughter and now it helped my granddaughter just make the finals at the age of 8!!