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When Quality & Nutritional Value Matter


CopRice R Rice Bran feed supplement is made from 100% Australian stabilised rice bran. It is gluten free and a great source of digestible carbohydrate, which provides a concentrated source of energy to power performance and stamina. Rice bran also contains protein, vital for muscle growth and topline, and omega and fatty acids for heart health and conditioning.

Adding stabilised rice bran to your horses’ diet can help provide the necessary protein essential for muscle development and repair, as well as the amino acids lysine and methionine which can help improve protein efficiency for optimal growth. Rice bran’s high oil content is rich in antioxidants including gamma oryzanoland vitamin E, which strengthen immunity and help to protect cells against the damage caused by stress and intensive exercise.

Rice bran is a perfect feed supplement for horses and ponies, from foals through to senior horses, needing extra calories for muscle development, weight gain and superior conditioning.

Coprice R Rice Bran is available at your local Tuckers store


 Our nutritionally balanced and complete feed solutions and supplements contain Australian rice or and and/or stablisedrice bran. Combined with our extrusion technology, they deliver superior nourishment for health, performance and conditioning.

Exceptionally ‘cool’ energy-dense extruded feed

Quality sources of protein, to support muscle development, tissue repair and hoof integrity

Natural antioxidant; gamma oryzanol, to support immunity and assist with muscular problems such as ‘tying up

Natural vitamin E for aiding neuromuscular function

Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, to support heart and blood vessel health, and conditioning

B group vitamins to support metabolic function

For more information on the benefits of Stabilised Rice Bran please visit the Coprice’s website (click here to visit)