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POULTRY: Special Offer from the Winter Catalogue


Here are our leading offers for Poultry produces from the Winter catalogue.

Prices may vary due to freight.

A nutritious balanced and complete everyday pelleted feed specifically formulated for laying birds of all breeds in a home flock.

Shop in Store: Barastoc Golden Yolk 20KG

A nutritious balanced and complete vegetarian grain mix formulated from all natural ingredients for laying hens in a home flock suitable for all breeds of laying poultry.

Shop in Store: Barastoc Darling Downs 20KG

Flat-packed chicken layer boxes. Perfect for the home chicken run! Available in 4 sizes single, double, triple & quad.

Click to Shop: iO Chicken Layer Boxes

Effective control of roundworm in poultry, pigeons, cage birds and pigs. It is also an effective nodule wormer in pigs.

Click to shop: Piperazine Solution