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Courtesy of Mavlab.

Your loyal companion of many years struggling to get up in the mornings? What used to be a giant leap up the stairs now turning into a slow, reluctant climb? No more cuddles on the lap for your furry friend as they just can’t jump that high anymore? Like ourselves, arthritis and joint pain can affect cats and dogs as they age and decrease the quality of life normally enjoyed by freedom loving country pets and working dogs. Wear and tear on the joints due to age, degenerative disease or previous injury can lead to joint damage and pain with size and breed of the pet also being contributing factors.

Pernaflex Powder is a palatable supplement formulated to support joint health in cats and dogs of all ages. The three naturally sourced ingredients – green lipped mussel (60%), marine cartilage (20%) and abalone (20%) – act by aiding in the control of joint pain and inflammation, providing the “building blocks” for cartilage repair and stimulating joint fluid production. All three marine ingredients are sustainably sourced and processed in a human grade facility. The freeze dried powder is then blended and packed by Mavlab Animal Health at its GMP facility in Queensland.

Pernaflex Powder is administered once daily with the pet’s food. The three marine ingredients provide a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, omega 3 fatty acids and a range of trace elements. With its broad range of ingredients Pernaflex delivers higher levels per dose of glucosamine, chondroitin and essential fatty acids than many other green lipped mussel products. Results are generally seen within 3-4 weeks and long- term use may be beneficial in some pets. Feedback from customers has also suggested that an additional benefit from long term use may be improved skin and coat.

It is recommended to use Pernaflex in the following circumstances:

  • On its own in the initial or less severe stages of arthritis or joint pain.
  • In combination with prescription anti-inflammatory or pain relief medication that may have been prescribed by your veterinarian in more severe or advanced cases of arthritis
  • As a general preventative joint supplement for pets not yet showing clinical signs of arthritis. This may especially be the case with bigger dogs, high value working dogs or those breeds more prone to arthritis.

Pernaflex Powder is available in two convenient packs sizes – 125g and 250g. A measuring scoop is included inside each tub. We have recently re-branded the product with the previous name being Pernaease Powder.