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Courtesy of Vetoquinol.

New Felpreva is a breakthrough in companion animal parasitology. It is the first 3-monthly spot-on parasiticide for cats that covers tapeworms, in addition to other endoparasites (roundworms, lungworms and hookworm), and ectoparasites (fleas, paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) and mites) in a single dose. Felpreva’s unique formulation, combining three active ingredients: emodepside and praziquantel (known antiparasitic compounds, also found in the Profender range) and tigolaner (a novel active ingredient) which means fewer doses in a simple all-in-one spot-on solution.

Cat owner compliance for parasiticide use is a challenge with data suggesting that on average, cats are only dewormed 2.5 times per year.[1]  While multiple factors need to be considered when it comes to compliance, the negative impact that administering parasiticides has on the bond between an owner and their cat cannot be underestimated.

When choosing a parasite product, 95% of Australian cat owners think ease of administration is important and around 9 out of 10 rank treating for fleas, intestinal worms and ticks as important[2].  Making recommendations that acknowledge the special bond between owner and cat by considering factors such as duration of action, spectrum of cover and ease of use can aid compliance, helping protect both animal and human health.

Increasingly owners and cats are living in closer proximity, with more people working from home and many cat owners sharing a bed or bedroom with their pet(s).[3]  Although this increasingly close relationship between pet and owner can have health, emotional and social benefits, cats can expose their owners to zoonotic diseases.  Cats’ lifestyles are also changing. Despite the cultural shifts which have seen cats evolve into companions rather than rural pest controllers, cats have retained their natural behaviour as highly territorial scavengers which is a risk factor for feline lungworm.  Inadequate feline parasite prevention represents a potentially significant health risk.[4]

For such a fundamental aspect of pet care, parasite prevention can be extremely complex for pet owners. There are so many treatment combinations available with varying clinical and lifestyle factors to consider. Ultimately, parasite prevention should be as straightforward as possible for all involved, including the cat.

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Designed specifically for cats, Felpreva is a new spot-on endectocide and the first spot-on antiparasitic for cats to treat both internal and external parasites, including tapeworms, for up to three months making feline parasite control simple for pet owners.

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