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The Basics of Guinea Pigs and Housing

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Tuckers Pet & Produce stores have a range of feed and health products suited for your guinea pig and rabbit friends. With proper environmental and housing methods, you will extend the life of your pets lifespan.

Below, Vetafarm have a couple of great tips on how to confidently succeed with the basics of guinea pig housing.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Guinea Pigs are a very common and fantastic pet. Just like rabbits, there are many factors to consider to ensure that your cavy is living the best life possible. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to heat stroke, so allowing your cavy to have an indoor and outdoor enclosure is ideal for most Australian climates. You must be able to bring your cavy inside to a safe and comfortable enclosure during extreme weather.

If keeping your pig outside, ensure that their cage is predator proof and provides plenty of space to exercise freely. When keeping your cavy in an indoor enclosure, substrate is important to consider as again, a wire floor is not ideal and can lead to infections in the feet and toes.

The Essentials:

Once you have your solid based enclosure, the next thing to consider is cleaning.
You will need to use an easily replaceable substrate on the enclosure floor, and will likely need to change your pig’s substrate two or three times a week – depending on how many pigs you have. Newspaper or puppy pee pads will work as a liner for the enclosure base, and an absorbent but digestible substrate to go on top will work well.


Guinea pigs need one or two safe hiding places within their enclosure to retreat to when scared or tired.
Guinea pigs housed outside can fall victim to pests and parasites. Fly strike is common, especially here in Australia. A pest proof enclosure is just as important for cavies as it is for rabbits.

More than one?

Guinea Pigs are exceptionally social beings, and should do very well in group settings. Gender consideration is essential for harmonious living.
Castrating and speying female guinea pigs is a common choice, and will remove the risk of unwanted litters. Desexing reduces risks of certain reproductive cancers and ailments..

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