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Here are our leading offers for Horses from the Xmas Catalogue.

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Simulates the natural heating from the mother hen – for healthier, happier chicks. Size 25cms x 25cm suitable for up to 20 chicks. Energy efficient.

Click to Shop: Brookfield Chick Heating Plate

Most widely used spray to control feathered mites and lice on caged birds and their environments. 15% off all pack sizes.

Click to Shop: Avitrol Mite & Lice Spray

Kilverm is for use in the treatment of sensitive strains of roundworm in pigs and poultry. High potency ingredients @ 14g/L Levamisole.

Click to Shop: Vetsense Kilverm pig & Poultry Wormer 125ml

Liquid electrolyte for chickens and birds. Provides energy and replaces electrolytes lost during periods of stress, such as hot weather and travel.

Click to Shop: Vetsense Avi-Lyte 125ml

A vegetarian feed using only cereal and vegetable protein sources to deliver high quality protein. Added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, including essential amino acids, great for egg production and size.

Shop in Store: CopRice Lucky Layer 20kg

A nutritious starter feed formulated to be fed to day old chicks to 6 weeks of age.

Shop in Store: Laucke Mills Chick Starter 20kg

A quality grower feed formulated to be fed to pullets from 6 weeks to point of lay.

Shop in Store: Laucke Mills Pullet Grower MP 20kg

2kg free on specially marked packs only. While stocks last.

Shop in Store: Barastoc Golden Yolk 22kg Bonus Bag