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Apparent Herbicides

Apparent Woody EXTRA

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Apparent Woody Extra EC Herbicide is a high-quality, liquid herbicide for the control of woody and herbaceous weeds in a wide range of agricultural and non-agricultural use situations.

Aminopyralid is powerful active which means Apparent Woody Extra provides higher control, longer residual protection & controls more woody weeds than products only containing only Triclopyr & Picloram.

At a Glance

USE PATTERNS Woody weed situations – high volume spraying, aerial application, controlled droplet application, low volume high concentrate application techniques (Gas Powered Gun, Sprinkler Sprayer) and boom application.
Fallow situations ? boom application and blanket wiper application.

FORMULATION Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 300 g/L Triclopyr, 100 g/L Picloram and 8 g/L Aminopyralid

APPLICATION RATE Dependant on usage pattern, application technique and weed species and growth stage of weed.