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Here are our leading offers for Cats from the Spring Catalogue.

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A fast acting and highly absorbent wood pellet litter, made from 100% all-natural wood with no additives of any kind. Odour control – pine fresh scent. Highly absorbent. Eco-friendly. Garden friendly.

Click to Shop: Kitter 15Kg

Complete and balanced for adult cars.

Click to Shop: Friskies 10Kg Varieties

An easy to use monthly spot-on that provides comprehensive protection from fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms.

Click to Shop: Advocate Fleas, Heartworm & Worms for Dogs & Cat – 3 & 6 Pack

Kills Ticks, Fleas, Intestinal worms, Heartworm, Lice & Mites. 30% Off all 3 & 6 Packs.

Click to Shop: Revolution Plus for Cats – 3 & 6 Packs

A high energy vitamin and mineral paste suitable for all dogs and cats. Recommended for finicky eaters, recovering from illness, hunting and working dogs.

Click to Shop: Energel 200G

Contains natural insecticide pyrethrin for flea and tick control.

Click to Shop: Pyrethrin Shampoo 250Ml

Felix As Good As it Looks Mixed Selection contains a mix of delicious meals precisely balanced for adult cats.

Click to Shop: Felix As Good As It Looks 36 x 85G

100% nutritionally complete and balanced with all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.

Click to Shop: Whiskas 12Kg Varieties