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Here are our leading offers for Horse’s Feed from the Winter Catalogue.

Prices may vary due to freight.

A highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed that’s 95% sugar free with no added molasses.

Shop in Store: Speedi-Beet 20KG

Highly digestible and palatable fibre source for all horses. High in fibre and very low in starch and sugar.

Shop in Store: Johnson’s Fibre Safe 20KG

Contains vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios for all equines. Feedsafe accredited warehouse with high quality ingredients. 15% off all pack sizes.

Shop in Store: Stance Equilibrium Mineral Mix & B1 Cool Mix

Extruded sweet feed for your aged horse.

Shop in Store: Pryde’s Old Timer 20KG

The smart feed investment for your horse’s future growth and development.

Shop in Store: Benchmark Invest 20KG

A high protein and high fat feed for sustaining muscle mass, topline and healthy weight of aged, retired and working horses over 15 years old.

Shop in Store: Coprice Veteran 20KG