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Here are our leading offers for Horse’s Health from the Xmas Catalogue.

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Fast killing action against fleas and flies. Offers effective repellency against flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Click to Shop: Troy Repel X 500ml

An apple-flavoured, multi-dose liquid wormer that treats and controls roundworms, tapeworms and bots in horses. Buy 2 x Imax Gold 100ml & get a bonus Imax Gold 50ml.

Click to Shop: IMAX gold

Formulated to treat the symptoms of thiamine and magnesium deficiency including hyperirritability and nervousness in horses.

Click to Shop: KER B-Quiet

Now comes in a larger tube that treats a 700kg horse. Same great product features including long term protection at the same price as the former tube.

Click to Shop: Equest Plus Tape

Roundworm, tapeworm and bot treatment for horses.

Click to Shop: Equimec Plus Tape

Horses under the stress of hard work, travel or competition may suffer from suppressed red blood cell production, reduced red cell lifespan or increased losses due to bleeding.

Click to Shop: KER Hemabuild

Concentrated source of amino acids and vitamins plus cofactors for administration before strenous exercise.

Click to Shop: Nature Vet Green Amino Powder 300g

A powerful all-in-one natural feedstuff for horses made from the world’s first energised volcanic minerals with available collagen that supports synovial joint fluid, cartilage structure, bone density plus ligaments and tendons.

Click to Shop: Tuffrock Equine Joint

Insect repellent and wound protector for horses

Click to Shop: Pharmachem Kuritch 500ml

Formulated to provide the essential balanced electrolytes to maintain optimum body fluid composition and prevent dehydration.

Click to Shop: Nature Vet Energetic Powder 250g

Unique once a week “dual application’’ method targets specific flies where they land on the horse.

Click to Shop: Flyscreen Pour-On Fly Control for Horses 120ml

Aids in promoting and maintaining healthy hoof growth and coats in horses.

Click to Shop – Vetsense Biotin Hoof Powder

Medicated Shampoo for the routine uses as a wash and as an aid in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the skin of dogs, horses and cattle.

Click to Shop: Equinade Shampoo

World’s first holistic joint powder made with super energised collagen minerals, synergised with botanic vitamins, micronised omegas, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients with absolutely no animal protein.

Click to Shop – Tuffrock Super-Tuff

PulmonAID is a nutritional supplement designed for all performance horses to help maintain the normal integrity and function of the lungs.

Shop in store: Kelato PulmonAID Paste

Troy Debrisol Spray is an enzyme wound solution. The enzyme Trypsin liquefies and removes non-living tissue, which cleans away pus, dead and decaying tissue and promotes healing.

Click to Shop: Troy Debrisol

Triocil is an antiseptic and antifungal foaming wash for the prevention and treatment of skin disorders in dogs, cats and horses. Contains excellent cleaning and coat maintenance properties.

Click to Shop: Pharmachem Triocil

Concentrated Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, Electrolyte & Trace Paste, specifically formulated to replace key nutrients lost during training and competition.

Click to Shop: iO Equi-Boost Paste for Horses

iO Blade is a double strength formulation broad spectrum all wormer. Controls 11 parasites including Tapeworms.

Click to Shop: iO Blade Equine Wormer

ULTIMUM is Virbac’s Latest long-acting horse wormer and boticide gel which contains the active ingredients moxidectin and praziquantel.

Click to Shop: Ultimum Gel LA Horse Wormer

Contains vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios for all equines. FeedSafe accredited warehouse with high quality ingredients. 15% off all pack sizes.

Click to Shop: Stance Equilibrium Mineral Mix & B1 Cool Mix

Essential & Blade are both broad spectrum wormers, controlling 11 parasites including Tapeworms. Purchase any 3 and get a bonus iO Hay Bag (valued at $21.45).

Click to Shop: iO Equi Dose Complete Equine Wormer