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Apparent adjuvants

Apparent Paraffinic Oil 582g/L PARAFFINIC OIL

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An Adjuvated spraying oil to improve the wetting and spreading of herbicides, insecticides and defoliants on plant surfaces as per the directions for use table. Apparent Paraffinic Oil Adjuvant is compatible with a wide range of herbicides including: Atrazine, Eclipse Herbicide, Grazon DS Herbicide, Fluroxypyr 200 Herbicide, Tordon 75-D Herbicide, Tordon 242 Cereal Herbicide, Clethodim Herbicide, Fusilade WG Herbicide, Haloxyfop, Broadstrike Herbicide, Triclopyr 600 Herbicide, Lontrel 750SG Herbicide, Topik 240EC Selective Herbicide, Fusion WG Herbicide, Targa Herbicide, Achieve Herbicide. It is also compatible with cotton defoliant products such as Thidiazuron & Etephon. It is also compatible with insecticides such as Chlorpyrifos 300, Tracer
Naturalyte Insect Control.
Product Type: Adjuvant
Active Ingredient: 582 g/L Paraffinic Oil, 120g/L Nonyl phenol ethoxylate & 120 g/L Alcohol Ethoxylate
Formulation: Liquid