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Benchmark Golden Oldies 20kg

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When formulating a premium feed for older horses it is important to address the challenges of ageing by maximising feed digestibility and nutritional robustness – and wherever possible to provide support for entire body systems. Other critical inclusions such as Omega 3 DHA, antioxidants, biotin, superfibres, and pre and pro biotics all combine to combat the challenges of old age. When changing from a poorer quality feed to Golden Oldies, the benefits can be seen in digestive health, general vigour, mobility and coat condition. If poor quality or limited protein has been fed previously you will see a marked change in your horse?s top line over time. Remember if your horse?s teeth are showing their age you can soak your Golden Oldies down to a mash with cold water. Adding Benchmark Super Fibre Mash to Golden Oldies will provide an energy rich fibre source that is easy to digest and a great conditioner, particularly during colder months or when pastures are poor.