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Get more out of every brush stroke with HoofPRIME

Courtesy of Kelato.

Hoof dressing alongside regular farrier visits is a part of routine foot maintenance because we want to make sure our horse’s feet are in the best possible condition they can be – and for good reason. There is a lot riding on the strength and integrity of those feet and the feet need to deal with a lot of external factors like changing weather and surface conditions, regular shoeing, thrown shoes and at times some nasty-smelling inhabitants.

Why not strengthen, nourish, and protect the hooves with every brush stroke to help you combat hoof conditions such as thrush, seedy toe, dryness, and more. Here’s what a great quality hoof oil should do for your horse, what ingredients to look for, and how they can help your horse have strong healthy hooves – all year round.

A great quality hoof oil should be able to do the following:

1. Provide antibacterial and antifungal properties

This is one of the great things a quality hoof oil can offer your horse. If your hoof oil doesn’t have these properties, your horse is missing out on an essential element of hoof protection.

Ingredients like iodine and phenol are the ones you should be looking for as they are a great addition to a hoof oil as they provide the antibacterial and antifungal properties to help guard the hoof against topical issues like thrush, seedy toe, and the dreaded abscess. All these conditions can occur when the hoof becomes exposed to bacteria and/or fungus. HoofPRIME is a hoof oil which contains these key ingredients and could be the secret weapon you are missing when dealing with hoof conditions.

2. Provide nourishment to the entire hoof

Hooves, like any other part of the body, require nourishment to remain strong and healthy. A deficiency in nutrients can lead to brittle, dry hooves prone to cracking. One of the main functions to look for in a hoof oil is ingredients that are targeted to help moisturise the hoof wall. You want to look for a blend of natural oils like fish oil, wheatgerm oil, neatsfoot oil, linseed, and olive oil. HoofPRIME contains these ingredients that not only nourish the hoof, but also help with strength and flexibility to reduce the risk of any future hoof damage.

3. Help the hoof cope with different weather conditions

During the hot, dry conditions of summer, hooves that are not maintained properly can dry out and lose flexibility, as well as become prone to conditions such as contracted heels and cracks. Using the right hoof oil is going to help keep the hooves resilient and pliable by maintaining moisturisation.

Compared to the hot, dry conditions, Autumn and Winter are arguably the harshest times of the year on the hoof. During these seasons, the hooves may absorb more water and become soft. This provides an opportunity for bacterial and fungal organisms to break through the protective barrier of the hoof wall, resulting in infections.

To ensure the hoof has the best chance of protection during these different weather conditions, the go-to ingredients are pine tar and Venice turpentine. These ingredients help create a barrier on the hoof whilst also helping to harden the hoof to address any excessive softness issues. HoofPRIME contains these ingredients and together with the antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, HoofPRIME is going to be the hoof’s best friend!

4. Improve the hoof’s appearance

There is nothing better and arguably more attractive than a strong, healthy hoof – all four of them! In addition to the most important part, which is the health of the hoof, good-looking hooves are still something we horse owners like to see. For that natural, finishing touch for show preparation, HoofPRIME finishes the hoof with a nice, clear shine to the hoof wall, all while benefiting overall hoof health.

5. Some additional perks to look out for

Most hoof oils need to be applied daily however, HoofPRIME only needs to be applied a minimum of every second day, which makes it an even better choice for you and your horse.

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