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Do I have to add a wetter to a product?


Tuckers Pet & Produce stores stock a large range of Apparent Chemicals with solutions for every one of your Ag Chem needs. With Ready To Use products in small packs, it’s now easier to use Apparent chemicals for your weed killing needs.

As a general rule the answer is “no” because the highest quality wetter recommended for the product is already included in APPARENT products. If you add a Wetter to the tank-mix because this has been your standard practice then we recommend using APPARENT Wetter 1000.

Please note that our CACHET Glyphosate 450 contains an effective wetter and will work well under most conditions. However, it is desirable to add a wetter to CACHET if you are spraying under hot and dry conditions. If you are a domestic user and do not wish to invest in a 20-L drum of Wetter a small quantity of dish-washing detergent added at the same level as the Wetter will provide reasonable results. Please remember if you buy a product on price, a lower-priced product will often contain an inferior wetter which will result in significantly reduced efficacy.

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