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iO Cider Vinegar 4% 5L

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iO Cider Vinegar 4% helps build immunity-fighting bad bacteria, and promote good bacteria.

Used as a regular part of feeding, it is believed to assist with arthritis and joint conditions. Apple cider vinegar helps acidify the stomach for optimum digestion.

Quick Facts & Benefits: As a natural insect control, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to cause thiamine (Vitamin B1) to be excreted through the skin, repelling flies and mosquitoes. Optimum levels of B vitamins (particularly B1) in the body seem to discourage bugs.
Can also be used for dogs.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions:
Horses : 60mL per animal per day
Cattle : 250mL per animal per day

Active Constituent: Apple Cider Vinegar is prepared from low acid, low tannin dessert apples, which are crushed and then fermented. The product appears cloudy, but settles to form a sediment or curd at the bottom of the container.


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