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The Nutritional Requirements of the Modern Hen – Chicks


Tuckers Pet & Produce are all about supporting the beginnings of animals and helping them place their best paw, claw, feather, or beak forward.

It’s essential to know how to provide the best initial start to your chooks lives and below, Barastoc Poultry have provided a deeper dive into why a Chicks health is so vital and how to support their health with quality feed.

Throughout your bird’s life there are a lot of changes and significant milestones that are reached that we need to be aware of and have an understanding. From day 1 all the way through to maturation of the adult bird we have an impact on their longevity and success in the backyard flock.



After a chick has hatched it is vital that they have access to shelter, food and water. Having access to clean fresh water at all times is crucial for not only their health and well-being but their functioning organs. Once born all remaining nutrients from the within the egg are utilised and supply the chick for up to 3 days post hatch, but the introduction of feed is critical.

The quicker the immature chick can take in nutrients the sooner bodily functions, organs and digestion start, which in return, lays the foundations of their immune system and microbiome. The other key thing we need to remember is chicks are born with down, not feathers, and won’t be fully feathered for about 6 weeks (this can vary with breed) of life and therefore can’t maintain their body temperature and require additional care. After a chick has hatched it is vital that they have access to shelter, food and water.

This first 6 weeks of life is when a chick is classed a chick, after this they are referred to as a pullet. During the first 6 weeks there is a lot going on but if you get this right she is set up for life. By ensuring that every nutrient counts and we aren’t limiting growth of development of the innate chick starting her off on a high nutritional platform is key.

Barastoc Chick Starter not only provides a high nutritional platform but ensures it’s delivered in a safe, highly digestible way also containing a coccidiostat for prevention of coccidiosis.

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