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The Nutritional Requirements of the Modern Hen  – Hens


Tuckers Pet & Produce encourages great feeding practices for all poultry breeds in all stages of life. This includes a range of products that satisfy the nutritional requirements of hens that are used for different uses including show, meat consumption, breeding, egg consumption and more.

Below, Barastoc Poultry have identified why hens are important to nutritionally supplement and how you can get the most out of yours.

Upon reaching 16-20 weeks of age a hen is deemed a bird at point of lay, therefore has the potential to commence laying eggs. After this period it is essential that you have transitioned their diet over to a specific laying ration. Not only are layer diets nutritionally balanced and suited for the high productive layer hen but contain the necessary balance of the right nutrient like calcium and phosphorus.

If sufficient nutrients, in particular calcium, aren’t continuously supplied into her diet she will draw all her reserves down off skeletal bone and become weak and fatigued, egg shells will get very thin and in extreme cases cause permanent damage and will cease egg production.

Hopefully this article has given you some insight and things you need to consider when rearing your own flock, along with matching their diet to their stage of development to make sure you are setting them up from day one for a happy, healthy life.

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